Tinana - Haa - Wairua

What Is Qigong?

QI (sounds like CHEE) = Energy, Life Force, Vitality GONG (sounds like LONG but with a G) = Work, Skill, Mastery

Qigong was first practiced by the Wu people of ancient China, who were also the first Daoist. They were tribal peoples, shamans, mystics and healers. Needless to say there are more Qigong styles to count than there are grains of sand on a beach and in turn sooooooo many ways in which it can be categorised. 

For us we will divide Qigong simply into dynamic & static. Each branch has martial, meditative and medical applications as well as wei dan and nei dan practices (external and internal)  

I teach dynamic medical forms of Qigong, which are relative in our current social lifestyle to assist in bringing harmony to Body, Breath and Spirit. 

Manu Ahi - Fire Bird

Manu Ahi or Firebird, is the spirit in which I personally invoke through my practice. It represents heart, grace, strength, freedom, knowledge and wisdom. Due to my genetic imprint I had no surprises that the manu would resonate with me. For Maaori, the manu is a messenger and a direct teacher of nature. They model a grounded way of which we can live here on this land through connecting heaven & earth.

Li Qi - Physical Application

My intended teaching outcomes for classes is to deliver an opportunity for a new physical experience with focus on self care . The primary results is an increase in health and well-being from the inside out. By tonifing the internal organs and unblocking the meridian pathways one could expect to re-set and bring balance to your physical self and in turn emotional being.