Kaiako - Laoshi - TEACHER

Lee Cooper

I started my Martial Arts transformation in Thailand 6 years ago with Muay Thai & Muay Boran. Then moved into the internal arts of Tai Ji and Qigong whilst living in Buddhist temples in the Yunnan province of Southern China. It was there that I took the path into seeking more knowledge about the mystical and physical applications of Qigong and the 3 treasures of Body, Breath and Spirit.

I am a descendant of Ngaati Maniapoto, Tuwharetoa, Kahungunu and my matriarchal line Te Ati Haunui a Paapaarangi. I combine my classical Maori knowledge, ancient Chinese teachings and modern-day science into my Qigong delivery which is fun and easy to understand in today's world.


E kore au e ngaro, he kaakano I ruia mai I Rangiaatea - I will never be lost, as I am a seed sown in Rangiaatea

Jing - Mauri - Life Essence

One of the three treasures is the Jing, which is in the lower dantian, just below the belly button. It is related to the physical self, grounding and your life essence. This essence will naturally reduce throughout your life and can be used up more rapidly through overwork, stress and excessive emotions. Good news though, we can cultivate this Jing through some forms of Qigong.

Qi - Haa - Energy

Another of the three treasures is Qi. Qi has so many meanings; it is air, gas, breath, energy and blood. When the Qi flows it starts to move towards balance/homeostasis in all areas of the body, mind and spirit.

Shen - Wairua - Spirit

And then there is the Shen, the last of the treasures. Qigong practice allows an opportunity to transform the mind and spirit into being clear and aligned.